Square Gets a Payments Gig at Coachella

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Square will be the exclusive point of sale provider for Coachella, a large music festival, covering everything from tickets to concessions.

It's a return to its roots in a way, since Square originally pitched its mobile card reader as a means for people to accept payments at live events or fundraisers. This year's Coachella festival is scheduled for April 15-24 in Indio, Calif.

All vendors at the festival will use the newest Apple Pay-friendly version of Square Reader to sell food, drinks and merchandise. The devices also support Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

It's a big win for Square, considering the 2015 version of Coachella earned $84 million and set attendance records, according to reports.

Square is also marking its Square Cash as a way to send money between people for groups that attend the festival. Square Cash was also recently updated to add features to make the product attractive to businesses.

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