4.11.19 Your morning briefing

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Store's open
Square has extended its online store for sellers in the U.K., pushing shoppable Instagram galleries, shipping and features for restaurants such as online ordering.

It's the first Square product in the U.K. to integrate with Weebly, a web design company Square acquired in 2018 to add more products to its core mobile point of sale acceptance products.

The online store will also integrate with Square's point of sale products, and follows Square's releases of invoicing technology in the U.K. in March.
After Bangladesh
Swift has issued a report on how payment crime risk has evolved since the 2016 theft in which hackers used the network to steal funds from Bangladesh's central bank.

Attackers are choosing to quietly investigate a target for a prolonged period of time before striking, in an attempt to determine weaknesses.

Crooks are also issuing fraudulent payments during normal business hours, a reversal of traditional practice of choosing off-hours to avoid detection. This permits bad payments to better fit in among legitimate payments. Additionally, fraudulent payments are coming from previously dormant corridors.

Mixed bag for ATM attacks
ATM attacks in the U.K. are getting less technical, though manual ATM crime is spiking.

In 2018 physical attacks increased to 4,549 from 3,584 in 2017, according to U.K. ATM association East. These attacks resulted in a loss of about $50 million, up from about $43 million in 2017.

However, there were only 157 malware attacks on ATMs in the U.K. in 2018, down from 192 in 2017, for losses of about $550,000, down from about $1.8 million.

Checked out
Hotels have long faced challenges in protecting consumer information, and new research suggests most hotels have an email flaw that creates a security risk.

Sixty-seven percent of hotels are unknowingly leaking information because of a flaw in booking confirmation emails, reports Engadget, which cited a Symantec study of more than 1,500 hotels in 54 countries in the U.S., Canada and the EU.

The emails often have a link that directs consumers to a separate site where guests access reservation information without an added log in. Hotels also share data with third parties, which can include the booking code, which is often in the guest email's URL.

From the Web

Coinbase launches a debit card in the UK to make it easier to pay with cryptocurrencies
CNBC | Wed April 10, 2019 - Digital currency exchange Coinbase launched a debit card in the U.K. to make it easier for customers to pay using cryptocurrencies. The Coinbase Card is a contactless Visa debit card that syncs directly with a user’s Coinbase account.

Bitcoin Just Crossed A Huge Adoption Milestone
Forbes | Thu April 11, 2019 - Bitcoin has crossed a significant adoption and usage milestone with its 400 millionth transaction since bitcoin was created in early 2009. Bitcoin is now averaging 350,000 transactions per day at around 15,000 transactions every hour, which is about four a second.

Crypto in Africa: new point of sale payments and fiat conversions
CoinGeek | Thu April 11, 2019 - The crypto market in Africa keeps innovating and introducing new things to the market. More Africans have become open to the idea of digital currencies. To facilitate crypto growth, entrepreneurs are adding new and attractive features. They are also looking for ways to make transactions easier for consumers.

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Amazon Go is caving to rising pressure from cities and states banning cashless stores and planning to introduce cash-acceptance to a model whose entire premise was about eliminating the friction of checkout with a seamless, card-based checkout.

How a no-deal Brexit makes payments more pricey
With the U.K. government still at stalemate over Brexit, the prospect of leaving the European Union without a deal remains a very real possibility. Despite some recent agreements, this could have major implications for the U.K. payments industry.

How the London Underground brings in 53,000 new contactless users a day
Contactless transit fare systems are drawing lots of investment despite several false starts in the U.S. But new numbers out of London show there are clear and multiple benefits if the infrastructure can catch up.

Early Warning enlists Levvel to bring Zelle to smaller banks, credit unions
The largest U.S. banks got a head start in launching Zelle through their mobile apps about 18 months ago, working closely with Zelle’s owner Early Warning Services LLC. It’s taking longer for smaller institutions to get up and running, due to some technical complexity.

JPMorgan joins Sepa real-time payments
JPMorgan Chase has joined the Single Euro Payments Area real-time payments scheme by adding the Sepa Instant Credit rail to its network in Europe.

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