Stripe hires Google security expert to lead expanding risk team

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Stripe’s expanding global profile has come with a growing security risk operation, which will now be overseen by former Google security expert Niels Provos.

Provos will be Head of Security for Stripe, leading a team of more than 50 experts that Stripe has assembled to monitor security threats, data privacy and user protection.

While at Google, Provos led projects such as Safe Browsing, and the use of open source to protect web users.

“Niels has worked on some of the hardest security problems at the largest possible scale worldwide,” said David Singleton, Stripe’s head of engineering in a Wednesday press release. “Growing the GDP of the internet requires carving out new opportunities for online commerce and warding off threats to modern business.”

Stripe’s profile as an international e-commerce provider has grown along with its valuation, which makes the company a major influencer for new e-commerce technology. Stripe also announced a partnership with Twilio to protect programmable voice applications accessible through Stripe accounts.

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