8.2.19 Your morning briefing

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The ticket

StubHub has added support for Apple Pay on the mobile web, adding another option beyond the ticket broker's iOS app and desktop web, which already support Apple Pay.

StubHub's positioning the move as a way to offer as many options as possible, though it already receives about 20% of its iOS app payments through Apple Pay, according to 9to5Mac.

Apple Pay is also part of a broader move toward using mobile payments for sports ticketing.

Crypto tip off

The NBA and the players union, the NBA Players Association, plan to offer digital collectables that will use a blockchain to support payments, gaming and other transactions.

Users will buy and trade video clips of in-game action that commemorate moments during a season, reports Yahoo Finance. Video clips will be labeled with numbers to mark them as distinct. The NBA did not disclose which blockchain it uses, though it's working with Dapper Labs, which developed CryptoKitties, which runs on Ethereum. CyptoKitties has been so popular that it crashed the network.

Among NBA teams, the Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings recently began supporting cryptocurrency. In the NFL, the Miami Dolphins accept cryptocurrency for the team's raffle.

Dashes to ashes

Amazon's early entry into the internet of things market, the Dash Button, will no longer function as of Aug. 31.

The adhesive, WiFi-enabled buttons allow shoppers to re-order items like laundry detergent and cleaning supplies in the room in which they are used. For example, users could put a detergent button on the washing machine to reorder soap the moment they run out.

Amazon's email to Dash Button users suggested alternatives such as virtual Dash Buttons, the mobile app, and simply ordering products as a subscription. The company stopped selling Dash Buttons in March, but indicated at the time that existing Dash Buttons would still function.

Finding Taxes

Albania will introduce an online invoicing network in January 2020 in an attempt to ensure businesses pay taxes, a common problem in the country.

The government has relied on a 2013 campaign to get businesses to use a receipt system to track tax payments, but many companies avoid the system, reports MSN.

By using a real-time online tracking system, Albania expects it can bring its business tax collection system in line with standards in the European Union.

Seeing ATMs

Caixabank is accelerating its facial recognition ATM strategy, adding the machines to a branch in Valencia, Spain.

The ATMs support transactions without a PIN, capturing the user's face and validating as many as 16,000 features. The ATMs are part of a new high-tech branch strategy for the bank, which is showcasing other digital financial services in the branch.

Caixabank debuted the facial recognition ATMs in March, part of a trend toward biometric authentication at ATMs, with Asia and Brazil dominating early deployments.

Weed stablecoin

Legal cannabis shops still face an array of payment options since laws vary from state to state and federal law creates a barrier between banks and weed businesses.

Arizona's technology sandbox has accepted Alta, a fintech startup that is issuing a stablecoin designed to operate a payment network for cannabis businesses, reports CoinDesk.

Businesses and consumers can purchase Alta's stablecoin, then use the coin to conduct transactions. Alta then converts the tokens to dollars instantly, and contends these dollars can be deposited into any bank without being linked to a cannabis transaction.

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