TIO Networks Signs Bill-Payment Agreements

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Tio Networks Corp. has Georgia on its mind.
Tio Networks, the expedited bill-payment processor, recently signed agreements with Georgia Power Co. and Cox Communications Inc., two Atlanta-based companies. The contracts enable Georgia Power and Cox Communications customers to pay their bills in cash at self-service, payment-accepting kiosks and retail locations, where TIO operates payment centers. TIO Networks owns 1,500 kiosks and manages18, 000 payment centers nationwide. Burnaby, British Columbia-based TIO Networks credits payments to customers’ accounts the same day, say TIO executives. TIO’s agreement with Cox Communications, the nation’s third largest cable-television company with 6.2 million customers, expands the relationship between the businesses to a national from a regional contract that included only Phoenix and Las Vegas. Tio will deploy kiosks in select retail locations throughout Atlanta for customers of Georgia Power, an electrical utility with 2.3 million customers. Tio signed both agreements in late November.

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