As a consumer in this country, a person employed in the payments industry and a frequent traveler to Europe, I am becoming more disgusted as more comments from merchants pushing back on chip-based cards are publicized (Merchants: Chip-And-PIN Is The Only 'True' EMV Card Authentication).

So we have, just to name two, the following opinions from merchants:

––The fraud is not severe enough to offset the cost of moving to chip.

––The insurance that protects banks, merchants and cardholders regarding the fraud doesn't motivate merchants to want to move to chip card acceptance.

Gee, thanks for letting me, you know, the taxpayer yet pay for something else.

I think Visa's stance in supporting chip-and-signature card will not help corporate cardholders or consumer cardholders traveling to Europe; it makes more sense to come out of the gate with chip-and-PIN, and I believe liability shift from the card brands back to the banks and merchants should take place in a more immediate manner.

So we're left with only two best options when traveling: purchasing an instant issue Chip-and-PIN card at the airport via the Travelex kiosk (by the way, great partnership MasterCard and Travelex!) or a cash advance when you land at the airport of your destination. Well perhaps we need a governmental decision to drive chip-and-PIN for this country just like they've driven the rules on the max on interchange?!

On another note, AMC Theatres has outlets in Canada and will have to accept, under Canada's direction, chip cards sooner than later. Not sure how they'll get around that one.

As far as Home Depot: go ahead and wait until the liability shift and then make your business case. When the shift occurs, how quickly are you going to make your move then?

Neither AMC nor Home Depot really should be construed as speaking for the masses, as I would think that fraud occurring in their types of business is not as rampant as what others are experiencing.

It is the mindset of these types of merchants that keep the United States behind our counterparts, and thus we'll be a further target for additional fraud. Why do they care if ultimately the consumers of America pay for their fraud tab?

The people of this country should care … .

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