Total Armored modernizes ordering for its secure cash service

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Because cash remains a staple for customers at many businesses, a service like Total Armored Car cash delivery continues to be important to managing cash flow. But how companies go about ordering a cash delivery at Total Armored hasn't changed in decades — until now.

Total Armored Car Services is offering online cash and coin ordering, addressing what it says has long been a time-consuming process of customers ordering cash delivery through phone calls or paper faxes.

Detroit-based Total Armored Car says it will use secure online technology from Morphis for the service. Morphis has been providing online cash management services for ATMs for nearly a decade.

"Our new automated, online cash ordering system allows us to simplify and streamline the cash and coin ordering process ‒ saving our customers and our staff thousands of hours a year,” Dallas Barr, Total Armored's vice president of operations, said in a Monday press release.

Secured by the Morphis cloud technology, the new ordering portal automates the ordering process, thus eliminating spreadsheets and paper orders, Barr added.

“They can order the amount of cash and coins they need by denomination and location, set a delivery or pick up time, track shipments, change orders and much more,” Barr said of his company's customers.

Morphis also provides Total Armored customers with comprehensive reporting tools which allow them to view past orders and run numerous reports through a button click on the portal.

It is also preference-based, which gives customers control over who has access to various aspects of the system.

The Morphis network uses servers in multiple regions around the U.S. that are constantly backed up — with no account numbers or personal data ever visible to the user.

“Our goal is to equip cash intensive businesses like Total Armored with the solutions they need to meet increasing regulatory demands and offer tools to streamline their business through automation, thus reducing human error,” Morphis president Alif Rahman said in the release.

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