UL, Abrantix create a robot for payment terminal testing

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UL Transaction Security has teamed up with Zurich-based payment software engineering firm Abrantix to create a robot to automate the typically tedious, manual process of payment terminal testing.

The Brand Testing Robot leverages Abrantix’s robotic technology to perform the test operator’s work, including tapping, dipping and swiping cards and entering PINs into card readers to improve efficiency and cut the time required to test payment cards for brand certification, UL said in a Tuesday press release.

Northbrook, Ill.-based UL aims to target acquirers, acquirer processors, merchants and terminal vendors who conduct high-volume repetitive test cases on payment terminals, and other payment industry providers looking to “stress” payment acceptance devices by performing a very high number of unattended transactions to ensure their durability, UL said in the release.

“We tightly integrated the UL BTT with the AX Robot, giving customers the ability to fully automate EFT/POS terminal testing, either for certification or regression testing,” Daniel Eckstein, Abrantix CEO, said in the release.

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