UnifyID raises $20 million for authentication tech

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San Francisco-based startup UnifyID is developing an “implicit authentication” platform that requires no conscious actions by users to authenticate identities, and it’s just closed $20 million in fresh funding to support its growth.

UnifyID uses sensor data from devices plus machine learning to authenticate users based on unique factors including how the user walks, types and sits, for example. The technology combines more than 100 different attributes to achieve what the company said is 99.9% accuracy without users changing their behavior or needing specific training, UnifyID said in a Tuesday press release.

The company gained attention last fall at several tech startup competitions and drew the attention of key investor New Enterprise Associates.

“A large percentage of data breaches involve weak, default or stolen passwords, and we think passwords—as we know them—need an overhaul,” said Forest Baskett, a general partner at New Enterprise Associates, in the release.

Combined with its first seed money, UnifyID is backed by a total of $23.4 million, the company said in the release.

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