8.14.19 Your morning briefing

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Contactless school

Apple has added a new group of universities to its network of schools that allow students to use Apple Wallet for ID and payments.

The universities include Georgetown, Clemson, the University of San Francisco, and about ten others, reports MacRumors, adding Duke University, Temple, Johns Hopkins and Mercer are among the combo's earlier adopters.

The college deployments come as Apple Card gradually rolls out this month, giving the technology giant an additional way to market and link its ID, payments and services technology.

Crypto subscription

LinkedIn co-founder Eric Ly and early bitcoin investor Roger Ver have launched a subscription payments system that supports crypto payments through a permission-based smart contract.

Called Monarch, the service lets merchants create recurring payments for subscriptions. There are also features that support one-off or installment payments for larger ticket items.

Monarch's model is different than most other cryptocurrency-based subscription services in that it's decentralized, so merchants to not have to formally partner with Monarch. Monarch is supporting Ethereum, ERC stable tokens with plans to support any ERC token, according to a release.

It pays to be Alipay and WePay's partner

Sequoia Capital China and Matrix Partners have invested $20 million in QFPay, a digital payments startup that allows Alipay and WeChat Pay to process payments internationally.

This raises QFPay's total to $36.5 million, which the company will use to build new payments technology, reports TechCrunch.

Alipay and WeChat Pay have built a considerable payments business outside China by providing a way for Chinese travelers to use their own currency when shopping abroad.

Salary corner

Isle of Man crypto exchange and wallet firm Coincorner has convinced all of its staff to receive its salary in cryptocurrency.

The staff at the company, which has more than 15 employees, was given a choice to receive pay in the pound equivalent of crypto, reports Finextra.

It's a relatively small company in a friendly niche, though it does reveal some demand for crypto payroll, and the company's news comes shortly after New Zealand legalized crypto salaries.

Pizza bike

Domino's tries to cover as many bases as possible when it comes to ordering and delivery. The chain has supported mobile payments for most of the decade, and more recently embraced connected car ordering and cashless stores.

This week Domino's is taking a e-bike delivery program out of pilot, expanding it nationwide, reports Engadget.

It's a very narrow last-mile niche, since e-bikes are designed to have a slightly longer range than regular bicycles and can handle hills, but have a much shorter range than cars.

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