U.S. Bank Adds Real-Time Mobile P2P with Fiserv's Popmoney

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U.S. Bank will enable real-time person-to-person payments through Fiserv's Popmoney.

U.S. Banks has already offered P2P payments for over a year. The real-time service, called Popmoney Instant Payments, can enable fast payments to members of Fiserv's Accel network or First Data's Star Network, which includes PNC Bank.

Transfers can be made by providing the recipient's account number, email address or mobile phone number. Popmoney supports instant payments, next-day payments or standard P2P payments.

U.S. bank will also offer consumers the ability to request P2P payments from a sender. This feature is designed to enable college students to ask their parents for money or to make collecting money from a group of people easier. Senders can select virtual cards to attach to transfers to mark a specific occasion, such as a birthday, graduation or holiday gift.

Fiserv acquired the Popmoney service as part of its acquisition of CashEdge in 2011. Since then, Fiserv has bolstered Popmoney by enabling transactions across debit networks to reduce the time it takes to make in P2P payments. It introduced Popmoney Instant Payments in April 2013 and added a mobile option in November.

Other bank P2P efforts include clearXchange, which counts Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Capital One and FirstBank as members.

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