Visa relaxes ban on some of Pornhub parent’s other websites

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Visa is accepting card payments again on certain adult entertainment websites owned by Pornhub parent MindGeek, while continuing to block payments to Pornhub itself.

The card network will enable payments for MindGeek’s professionally produced videos, but its ban on the user-generated content on Pornhub remains in place, according to Reuters.

The moves follow a series of developments triggered by a New York Times report describing millions of videos available on Pornhub containing violent content obtained without permission of subjects, many of whom were underage.

Mastercard was the first to ban payments to Pornhub this month, and Visa shortly followed suit, after which MindGeek said it removed millions of unauthorized videos from Pornhub. Mastercard said in a statement it continues to investigate illegal content on other websites and will take appropriate action where necessary.

Visa this week lifted its ban to allow payments for content generated through MindGeek’s studios.

“Following a thorough review, Visa will reinstate acceptance privileges for MindGeek sites that offer professionally produced adult studio content that is subejct to requirements designed to ensure compliance with the law," Visa said in a prepared statement.

Visa noted in the statement that the ban on Pornhub and other MindGeek sites with user-generated content remain in effect until it completes an ongoing investigation.

The card brands and their issuers have a history of being quick to cut off payments to adult content purveyors if there is a hint of illegality.

Montreal-based MindGeek is one of the leading purveyors of the vast international online adult entertainment industry.

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