Citing continued spending momentum and positive payment trends globally, Visa Inc. on July 28 reported increases in Visa card spending both domestically and internationally for the company’s fiscal third quarter ended June 30.

U.S. debit card sales volume, which includes signature Visa check card and Interlink PIN-debit purchases, increased by 20.5% during the quarter, to $265 billion from $220 billion during the same time last year. Total U.S. debit transactions increased 20%, to 7.2 billion from 6 billion.

Debit sales volume outside of the U.S. rose 36.6%, to $56 billion from $41 billion, while debit transaction volume increased 9.1%, to 1.2 billion from 1.1 billon.

A small part of the increase in debit payment transactions came from the conversion of Washington Mutual Inc.’s portfolio to JPMorgan Chase & Co. Visa debit cards, Visa chief financial officer Byron Pollitt told analysts during the July 28 conference call to discuss third quarter earnings (see story).

“We are coming off  pretty low volume from last year, as we actually had negative payment-volume growth. So now we are ramping up,” Pollitt explained. In addition, “conversions also are contributing to the growth, so in total it’s an underlying resurgence in the business and consumer spend,” he added.

U.S. credit card sales volume was up 6.3%, to $204 billion from $192 billion. U.S. credit card transaction volume rose 4.3%, to $2.4 billion from $2.3 billion.

Credit card sales volume outside of the U.S. increased 18.8%, to $278 billion from $234 billion, while credit transactions increased by 12.1%, to $3.7 billion from $3.3 billion.

Regionally, in the Asia-Pacific region, combined debit and credit purchase volume increased 19.4%, to $197 billion from $165 billion, while transaction volume increased 13%, to $2.6 billion from $2.3 billion. In the Latin America/Caribbean region, payment card sales volume increased 26.5%, to $62 billion from $49 billion, while transaction volume grew by 15.4%, to $1.5 billion from $1.3 billion a year ago.

In Canada, total payment volume rose 22%, to $50 billion from $41 billion, with transaction volume increasing 9.1%, to $432 million from $396 million. In the Central Europe, Middle East and Africa region, sales volume rose 25%, to $25 billion from $20 billion, while transaction volume for the region increased 21.9%, to $395 million from $324 million.

Network volume globally (payments volume plus cash volume) during the quarter totaled $1.3 trillion, up 18.2% from $1.1 trillion a year earlier. Additionally, Visa said it processed 11.7 billion transactions through its various brands, up 13.6% from 10.3 billion.

For the quarter ended March 31, the most recent period for which card-issuance numbers are available, Visa issuers had 405 million debit cards on issue, up 16.7% from 347 a year earlier. Visa issuers had 281 million credit cards on issuer, down 11.6% from 318 million.

Outside the U.S., Visa had 646 million debit cards in issue as of March 31, up 11.8% from 578 million. Visa issuers outside the U.S. had 493 million cards on issue, 2.7% from 480 million.

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