Visa Screens 'Virtual Retail,' 'Web Car' Pay at Toronto Film Fest

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Fresh off testing new payments technology at the Rio Olympics, Visa is heading to the  Toronto International Film Festival to demonstrate transaction innovations for augmented reality and connected cars.

People who attend the Toronto festival, which will began Sept. 10 and will run until Sept. 20, can virtually try on costumes from different movies and genres, like Marie Antoinette or Gladiator. They use hand gestures as they move through the experience to select purchase items and checkout with a selfie.

Visa partnered with Ingenico Group for the showcase, demonstrating the seamlessness of contactless payments using Ingenico’s eight-foot Connected Screens.

"The integration of our secure payment technology into connected screens enables merchants to interact with their consumers in creative ways, while enabling frictionless purchases virtually anywhere via contactless credit card or NFC-enabled mobile wallet,” Suzan Denoncourt, managing director of Ingenico Canada, said in a Sept. 9 news release.

Visa is also showcasing its Connected Car, which takes festival-goers on a 360-degree journey that begins ordering a meal on the way home.

"As the number of internet-enabled cars on the road increases and internet-connected things proliferate, we will continue to provide Canadians with innovative ways to pay for everyday purchases,” Visa Canada head of technology and digital innovation Derek Colfer said in a separate news release Sept. 11, “from the car such as gasoline and drive-through purchases while driving interoperability and maintaining payment security that consumers expect from Visa."

Visa has often used international public events to showcase new technology, most recently testing new mobile and wearable payments technology at the Summer Olympics in Brazil.

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