Morning Brief 3.9.20: Walmart consolidates mobile shopping apps

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App combo

Walmart adding its online grocery app's functionality to its main mobile app, continuing a rapid-fire series of moves by Walmart and Amazon to enhance speed of delivery and the mobile commerce experience over the past two weeks.

Walmart has operated a flagship blue app and an orange app for groceries, requiring shoppers to switch between apps depending on the purchase. The combination expands the grocery app, since the general "blue" app is more widely used and well-known, according to TechCrunch.

Amazon also offers separate apps for grocery, with Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods both having distinct apps, which are also available through Prime Now — creating multiple ways to order groceries, TechCrunch explains.

Battling the court

Not everyone's happy with India's Supreme Court, which recently overturned a ban on cryptocurrency.

The Reserve Bank of India will return to the court to fight that ruling, reports Coindesk. The RBI will claim the court's order was not balanced, and a renewed cryptocurrency market could create risk for banking.

The court's ruling has sparked several exchanges to ramp up activity and a boost in cryptocurrency is expected. The court has also opened a door to Facebook's Libra, which was not expected to launch in India.

Card breach

Southeast Asian banks have suffered a breach that has exposed credit card details for hundreds of thousands of users.

Cybersecurity firm Technisanct discovered the breach, which was concentrated in Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, reports the South China Morning Post.

The breach exposed CVVs and PINs, which could directly lead to theft.


The Royal Bank of Scotland has issued a new polymer £20 note that features Kate Cranston, a Glasgow resident who in the early 20th century opened a series of tea rooms in the city that played a role in expanding venues that women could enter unchaperoned. The businesses were also lauded for their architecture.

Cranston, who died in 1934, is the first woman to be featured on a Scottish note of that size other than the Queen.

The bill also has a "fabric of nature" theme with illustrations of red squirrels and extracts of 16th century Scottish poet Mark Alexander Boyd, Cupid and Venus.

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Visa partners with Paga on payments and fintech for Africa and abroad
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New tech startups challenge AmEx in the niche corporate card market
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Venture capitalists and other investors have poured big money into a growing group of companies that make credit cards for businesses. That includes more than $1 billion in funding and debt for just three startups: card-makers Ramp, Divvy and three-year-old Brex Inc., which was valued last summer at an eye-watering $2.6 billion, according to PitchBook data.

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