Wirecard streamlines cruise ship checkouts

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Genting Cruise Lines, a Hong Kong-based company that operates cruise ships, has formed a partnership with Wirecard to streamline checkouts for disembarking passengers, eliminating long lines to settle charges at the end of voyages.

Wirecard will establish its Quick Pay self-checkout system initially on a few ships sailing in the Asia region, enabling travelers to connect by scanning a QR code or signing up via the internet when they board the ship to manage payments throughout the trip via an app, according to a Friday press release.

Customers can monitor and control their spending during the voyage by setting up accounts for friends and family with pre-authorized spending limits, the release said. At the end of the trip, customers receive a list of charges they can review and settle on their smartphone via the system’s mobile app, according to the release.

The system accepts all major credit cards and Alipay, and there is an option to pay individual charges manually at any time during the trip using the Pay Now feature, the release noted.

“Our partnership with Wirecard allows us to avoid one of the most maligned aspects of travel—lining up to settle the bill at the end of a vacation,” said Thatcher Brown, Dream Cruises’ president, in the release.

“With the growing popularity of cruise vacations across Asia, we look forward to deepening our partnership with Genting Cruise Lines,” added Judith Loh, Wirecard’s head of relationship management in APAC.

Genting operates Star Cruises and Dream Cruises, whose ships will be the first to install the Quick Pay system; Genting also operates Crystal Cruises, which travels worldwide, according to the release.

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