Womply launches B2B card-based bill-payment

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Womply is joining the growing niche of providers offering card-based bill-payment services for cash-strapped small-business owners.

With coronavirus tightening SMBs’ cash and credit access, Womply Bills operates an intermediary enabling small businesses to pay any bill with an existing credit card, even if the payee doesn’t accept credit cards, according to a Wednesday press release.

Womply charges a 3% fee on top of the payment, which the San Francisco-based company said is usually offset by the rewards programs common among small-business credit cards, usually ranging from 1.5% to 5% cash back, the release said.

Businesses that sign up add their credit card to Womply Bills and indicate which vendor to pay, the amount and the bill’s due date, and Womply handles the transaction, as long as it’s received at least a week in advance.

“This pandemic has underscored the need for small business owners to have full control over their cash on hand” said Toby Scammell, Womply’s founder, in the release.

Womply Bills echoes an existing service from Plastiq, which saw a surge of applicants when coronavirus struck earlier this year. San Francisco-based Plastiq, launched in 2012, also offers to pay any SMB customers’ bills within about a week with a credit card, charging a 2.5% fee.

Plastiq more recently added another twist with its new Plastiq Accept product, enabling small businesses to accept credit card payments without paying the merchant fee. Plastiq offsets costs through bundled services and through the end of this year it’s paying users $5 every time a customer pays a bill through its platform.

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