Worldnet adds Google Pay to feed acquirers' need to embrace omnichannel shopping

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Worldnet is adding Google Pay to its cloud-hosted platform to address the pressure on payment service providers and independent sales organizations to securely embrace multiple payment channels and computing devices.

The Dublin, Ireland-based Worldnet views its certification of Google Pay as an added layer of security in transactions for both retailers and consumers. It has previously certified the use of Apple Pay on the web. With Google Pay, Worldnet customers would be equipped to take transactions through the Chrome browser, or in-app on Android devices.
By working with Worldnet, PSPs and ISOs can ensure their solutions are compliant with Google Pay standards.

“Google Pay provides consumers with one platform that supports payments in apps, online, directly to other consumers and in stores,” John Clarke, head of product innovation at Worldnet, said in a Wednesday press release. “Through our certification for Google Pay, we enable our customers to not only process mobile-based payments via customers’ Android devices, but also provide a seamless and cost-effective route to accept those payments across all channels in a secure environment.

In addition to the certification for Google Pay, Worldnet also provides an omnichannel payments-as-a-service platform to support card present EMV and card-not-present transactions.

The Worldnet platform supports traditional POS systems, as well as iOS and Android operating systems for mobile and online-based merchants.

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