Nearly 50% of consumers participating in a WorldPay survey about payment technology say they would like to use biometrics for security.

WorldPay, a London-based payment processor and online gateway provider, commissioned an online survey of more than 2,100 consumers in the U.K. last month to explore attitudes toward new payments technology.

Consumers say they feel more comfortable making payments that are authorized through fingerprint, palm or iris scanners, establishing biometrics as "the most popular future technology choice for security-conscious shoppers," the report says.

The choice of biometrics far outweighed the 30% who indicated they like to use PIN-based smartphone payments, or the 25% who prefer online wallets. While 23% say they prefer text-message payments, only 12% say they like making payments through social media outlets.

"It's interesting to see the public considering options such as biometric payments, a science that they may have seen in sci-fi films or on TV," Ron Kalifa, deputy chairman at WorldPay, states in a press release. "It suggests familiarity and visibility of new payment technologies is crucial in moving usage from tech-savvy enthusiasts to the wider public."

The survey also focused on smartphone payment technologies. Only 20% of the respondents say they have made some type of payment through their mobile phone. More than twice as many, at 45%, use smartphones for "showrooming," which occurs when a consumer looks over merchandise within a store and ultimately purchases the product at a cheaper price found online.

Just as many consumers, at 45%, use their smartphones to check various prices for a product, while 31% use the phones simply to comment about their shopping experiences through social media outlets, the report says.

Three of four respondents say they shop in an "auto pilot" mode with cash, plastic cards or online payments rather than embracing mobile technologies, Kalifa says.

"The industry needs to take greater steps to challenge these behaviors," if mobile technologies are to advance, Kalifa says.

In addition, financial companies need to be more active in ensuring retailers have ongoing support when implementing new technologies and that the employees and staff receive training, Kalifa adds.

WorldPay, which also announced this week it will provide gateway software and process payments for gaming site Metro Play, processes more than 8.4 billion card transactions in the U.K. annually.

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