Zing is releasing an iPad app that leverages Web hosted technology to access a large selection of business functions through the point of sale.

In the highly competitive mobile point of sale market, Zing is positioning its app, called Register by Zing, as a payments tool that can integrate with a merchant's existing business programs to enable quick updates and data management.

"Our iPad app is the front end of the business system. Zing controls the merchant's ability to manage business from one interface," said Zack Angelo, Zing's chief technology officer. "When somebody makes a purchase, you're able to know who they are and how they got there."

Zing uses a Software-as-a-Service model that allows users to download and install Zing locally. Businesses can also integrate Zing with business management programs such as Bigcommerce, a shopping cart program; MailChimp, an email marketing program and Quickbooks Online, an accounting program.

Register by Zing currently offers payments, e-commerce and email marketing integrations, and plans to add support for social networking, shipping and order management, online ordering and employee timekeeping. The app will also be available across Android, iOS, Mac and Windows operating systems by the end of 2014. Zing, which sees its sweet spot as midsized merchants who are looking to integrate e-commerce with in-store sales, charges fees based on the merchant's breadth of use.

"We were having trouble keeping track of inventory for Web ordering versus what we have in our brick and mortar warehouse," said Monico Acuna, the president of Microsterility, an El Paso, Texas-based medical equipment management company that is an early user of Zing's technology. "We're a mom-and-pop shop. My wife and I do all of the bookkeeping and inventory management, so we don't have a lot of time to manage inventory."

Zing is competing against a number of mobile payment companies that are also adding merchant services to the point of sale. One of those companies, Square, has a business-focused app called Square Register, which is unrelated to Zing's similarly named product.

"Obviously we're aware of Square and their Register product, but the name was chosen primarily because we've never liked the 'point of sale' moniker," said Nate Stewart, Zing's CEO, in an email sent by Zing's external public relations provider. "Register is a front end, a product. In that way it is similar to Square and their positioning of Square Register, but we're very different beyond the basic [mobile point of sale] functionality."

Zing is pursuing a full-fledged experience from the start, Stewart said. "We aren't for people looking for a free option or an entry level [point of sale]. The businesses that get the most use out of our Register are those that want to connect to sources outside of the point of sale," Stewart said.

Square did not return a request for comment by deadline. 

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