Welcome to Interchange, the new PaymentsSource blog! You've no doubt seen the recent opinion pieces we've begun publishing from a variety of industry sources and we hope you enjoy the informed opinion, industry dialogue and lively debate about the dynamic and evolving global payments industry that the blog provides.

The blog’s name, Interchange, is no accident. As we all know, the interchange fee is the fundamental core of the payments industry business model. Likewise, this blog serves as a forum for exchanging ideas and thought leadership among industry participants in a way that parallels the role interchange fees play in facilitating the electronic payments ecosystem.

Some of the blog’s content will come from our nationwide team of experienced journalists, who will provide quick briefs about industry news, our take on the latest trends and insights and background about the latest developments in the stories covered on PaymentsSource.com. But our ultimate goal is for Interchange to be the go-to destination for payments industry professionals to share their thought leadership, industry commentary and opinions. To accomplish that, we need your help.

Comments on posts are always encouraged, but more importantly, we’re actively seeking contributors to author their own posts. Interchange contributions should be about ideas, trends and other developments in the payments industry and its related technology and services fields. Posts should offer a strong point of view on topics of interest to members of the payments industry and demonstrate the author’s expertise, opinions and thought leadership.

If you’re interested in becoming a regular contributor or want to pen a guest post, please contact managing editor Austin Kilgore.

A blog is only as good as its audience and we hope you can help us make Interchange a valuable, insightful and enjoyable resource that payments industry professionals will make a part of their regular news consuming routine.

Austin Kilgore is managing editor of PaymentsSource.