Businesses, especially SMBs, are beginning to embrace partnering with and selling across all of the major platforms including Amazon, eBay and Facebook, as well as their own e-commerce sites, delivering more opportunities to independent retailers.

Thanks to technology integrations from SaaS-based providers, smaller online retailers can successfully partner with and compete against the mega-retailers across all major channels from their own branded website and Google Shopping, to Facebook, Amazon and eBay.

Because of the innovations provided by technology partners, retailers can easily customize their pricing, branding and customer relationship strategies for each channel while being fully integrated on the back-end with inventory management and fulfillment systems.

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By employing this nimble, omnichannel approach, retailers can expect to earn up to three times as much via increased sales than what could be achieved via one-off, in-house integrations or optimization directed at only a few, discrete channels.

SMBs can also benefit from investing in established platforms . The most successful SMBs and mid-market retailers will wait to adopt nascent, emerging technologies, including AI and Bots, because merchants won’t see positive ROI from these development projects.

Instead, the best strategy to ensure success is to go ‘all in’ with advertising on platforms that already feature best-in-class AI, including Google and Facebook, while also selling on the platforms that have the strongest AI and bot capabilities including Amazon and eBay.

By employing a true omnichannel approach that combines selling and advertising, merchants can take advantage of the best technology in the world, without having to directly invest on their own brand websites.