Blockchain can take the payments danger out of gaming

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In the past, virtual goods ownership and trading was never fully possible. For example, the rare or expensive item players worked hard or paid for was often copied by fraudsters and resold, making their item neither unique nor as valuable.

Blockchain prevents the trading of illegal virtual assets on the black market, as well as the hacking and stealing of keys, by creating an immutable ledger of that item and who it belongs to, making duplicating impossible. It's similar in some ways to the original purpose of blockchain, which was to irrefutably prove ownership of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The technology behind cryptocurrency will allow players to purchase items or games faster, while ensuring their payments are secure. Developers are increasingly having a hard time selling their software outside of app stores, resulting in large commission fees and loss of control over their own customers. Blockchain makes it possible to process nano-payments and for developers to get paid instantly, enabling developers to quickly reinvest money in their game launch marketing.

Meanwhile, gamers will have access to a range of new revenue opportunities, with proof of activity potentially earning gamers free swag.

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