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These days, the customer-preferred experience requires simplicity, speed and efficiency — no exceptions. For companies to deliver such an experience, they require the same three conveniences from the solutions providers they engage to run their business.

By now, businesses shouldn’t be expected to operate with multiple systems that aren’t communicating data with one another.

Integrating solutions, like payment acceptance methods, into existing business software or systems makes for a seamless method of management. So, it’s a no-brainer. The good news is there are plenty of options out there, but the more challenging news is businesses assume the burden of discovering the right ones.
Let’s looks at payment integration. Business management software helps business owners with the operations of so many day-to-day components. Why shouldn’t it also be integrated with payment acceptance? The integration of payment acceptance into a business system not only simplifies business management for the owner in several ways, it adds a ton of value by creating a super seamless experience for the customer too.

Let’s examine an example of the business model of a today’s quick service restaurants. For some, it looks like this: a customer enters the restaurant and places an order at a touchscreen podium, with the ability to browse menu items and customize selections.

Then, when it comes time to pay for the order, the customer can complete a credit card transaction right at the podium, without having to move to a separate check out register. A centralized system is serving as a point of sale, collecting payment data and providing a unique experience for the customer, while also managing inventory data, employee time tracking and more. It’s a process that saves time for both the employee and the customer.

A process like that is simple, it’s secure and it’s seamless. It’s a process that minimizes the steps involved, therefore minimizing the potential for errors to occur (mostly human errors). This can take a business down a path of saving time and money, so more focus can be spent on continuing to grow the business.

Integration is the future of business management. There’s an unlimited availability of powerful tools out there that make us wonder how we ever did business prior. The opportunity is here. It’s up to businesses to discover the seamless process of integrating payments that works best for them.

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