Retail localization needs checkout innovation and creative delivery to thrive

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Harnessing existing assets goes beyond real estate. Legacy retailers are finding smarter and more efficient ways to leverage human resources already within their local communities. In this emerging model, everyone from cashiers and co-workers to even customers can help create a better, faster and cheaper omnichannel supply chain.

Walmart leads traditional retailers when it comes to innovating its supply chain for today’s customer. The big-box retailer has tested automated cashierless checkout, redistributed employees as personal shoppers and associate delivery to improve the shopping experience and speed up last-mile logistics.

However, Walmart isn’t the only one looking to its employees and local communities to power same-day delivery. The Home Depot and Tractor Supply are tapping into existing fleet of local drivers, employees and even customers to power express, last-mile deliveries. As major retailers continue investing in alternative delivery solutions, the move toward crowdsourcing will only grow within the retail industry.
To overcome rapidly growing competition, the most successful retailers will focus on optimizing and reimagining supply chains at the local level. By leveraging underutilized assets in and around the communities where customers live, these retailers hold the power to usher in a completely new era of shopping.

The global retail race has reached a tipping point. Automated supply chains and free-flowing commerce lanes have shrunk distances once thought impassable, and yet retailers still struggle to meet demand for next- and same-day delivery.

For customers, the thought is simple: We’ve always been able to get instant delivery for pizza and Chinese food, so why not porch swings and power tools?

Though it wasn’t long ago that we accepted a fragmented shopping experience, we’ve come to expect a fully integrated experience that combines one-click buying, free two-day delivery and easy returns at our local corner store. And we now know that if our favorite retailer can’t deliver it when we want it, our favorite online juggernaut certainly will.

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