Voice AI can make work-from-home more efficient

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Collaboration, innovation, teamwork and productivity are all hallmarks of a great workforce and the outcomes of an ideal work environment.

Yet months into the COVID-19 pandemic, our work settings may still present a challenge. Remote work and virtual workspaces – and the unique disruptions that no doubt arise when our home lives intersect with our work lives – are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

So, how do financial services organizations and payment companies foster collaboration, innovation, teamwork, and productivity in these new environments? It may be time to consider how you can empower your team with new, innovative tools that can have a substantial impact on productivity rates for a virtual workforce.

First, we must recognize that remote work during a pandemic is vastly different from remote work under so-called “normal” circumstances. We’re not talking about the occasional Friday WFH; people face new emotional and logistical obstacles, day in and day out. A mid-afternoon disruption from a child, spouse, or roommate may do more than interrupt a train of thought. It may also mean working later in the day to recapture that lost time and focus, which may then lead to fatigue and burnout.

We must furnish colleagues with the tools they need to be successful. Communication and project management platforms are almost certainly already in your toolbox. But what else can you offer that will help mitigate the effects of distractions? That is, what if you could build productivity and efficiency into the workday so that interruptions to the routine are significantly less impactful?

One approach: implementing real-time documentation and reporting workflows enabled by AI-powered speech recognition. With this technology, advisers can efficiently create detailed action plans, memorialize client interactions, and document disclosures, not only improving productivity, but bolstering compliance as regulations in financial services continue to mount.

Plus, advisers and support staff can create custom voice commands that automate repetitive tasks like adding boilerplate text or signatures into a document. With voice-powered technology, these actions can happen up to three times faster than typing, leading to tremendous time savings and reduced transcription costs.

When your teams are freed from day-to-day documentation burdens, they are available to collaborate and innovate with coworkers, to take on new initiatives, focus on high-value tasks and continue to deliver exceptional client care, simply by speaking – no matter where they’re working.

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