Innovation, convenience and eye-catching designs drive top-of-wallet status. Issuers now have the opportunity to delight cardholders by combining popular payment card trends, such as metal, with the convenience and flexibility of dual interface.

Dual interface EMV® cards have an embedded chip and antenna, enabling both contact (insert or swipe) and contactless (wave or tap) transactions. The technology is gaining visibility based on the benefits to cardholders, issuers and merchants. Dual interface creates a fast, frictionless point-of-sale experience – driving card usage for everyday low-dollar purchases, bringing contactless enabled cards to top of wallet.

Adding dual interface to metal cards can offer cardholders a stylish and seamless POS experiences. These cards offer the noticeable weight and rigidity of metal and featuring high-definition print techniques and a variety of finishes. And the addition of dual interface technology creates a card that can be inserted, tapped or waved over a terminal at any angle.

CPI Card Group offers a unique, patented, cost-effective Encased Tungsten Fusion™ metal card – an innovative dual interface EMV card with a noticeable weight of 20 grams and the ability to craft customized designs that help issuers build an elite cardholder experience.

To learn more about CPI’s dual interface metal card offering and why you should get ahead of the trend, visit our whitepaper library.

CPI is a leader in dual interface card manufacturing and has been producing dual interface cards for over a decade.