Digital Deluxe: How a paper check company finds new markets

PayDirt: A PaymentsSource Podcast with Daniel Wolfe
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Many of you know Deluxe as a check-printing company, and while that's still a major category for it, checks no longer the majority of its business.

As with any company, Deluxe has been challenged in recent years to become increasingly digital. But its transformation is a bit more complicated than most. It has to both support checks and cannibalize them by selling a digital alternative to the same customer base — while also seeking new audiences.

Barry McCarthy joined Deluxe in 2018, bringing with him years of experience in banking and payments technology. This gives him perspective not only on how the industry is transforming but also a unique understanding of the various constituents his company must interact with as it seeks growth.

Host: Kate Fitzgerald, Senior Editor, PaymentsSource
Guest: Barry McCarthy, President and CEO, Deluxe

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