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Research Reports

  • Research Report Risk Management 2017: A Broadening Sense of Hazard

    Are Risk Levels Rising for Banks? Execs Think So
  • Research Report Cross Selling: What's Really Going On?

    Cross-selling is at a critical juncture. One of the virtually undisputed pillars of bank profitability, the practice of graduating a single-product consumer into a "relationship" covering the full breadth of his or her financial services needs, has abruptly found its way into the regulatory cross-hairs.
  • Research Report Fintech 2017: Shifting Budgets and Priorities

    SourceMedia Research surveyed executives to assess their plans for overall spending and delve into the opportunities and risks that bankers are seeking to address with their 2017 budgets. What emerges from the response set is an image of an industry that continues to allocate ever more resources to modernization. The survey does suggest, however, a deceleration in the rate of spending growth.
  • Research Report Blockchains in Action

    Early experimentation by financial institutions with distributed-ledger technology
  • Research Report Opens APIs: A Banker's Guide

    Application programming interfaces allow software programs to talk to each other. They are a potential solution to the current industry standoff over sharing of bank customer data with aggregation sites; in the long term, they could transform how banking is done, making customer relationships less sticky but opening up new revenue models for financial institutions. This paper lays out the basic issues surrounding APIs.
  • Research Report Mobile-Wallet Battle: Where and How Banks Are Placing Bets

    Technology companies like Apple and Samsung brought mobile payments to the fore and issues that led the U.S. to lag in mobile wallets have for the most part been settled. This report examines how a core group of banks are establishing themselves as pace-setters in attacking the challenge of remaining "top of wallet" as consumers migrate commerce to smartphones.
  • Research Report Blockchains and Shared Ledgers: A Banker's Guide

    How technologies inspired and influenced by bitcoin could reshape financial services, from payments to securities settlement to document preparation and beyond.
  • Research Report Next Mission for Banks in Mobile: Getting the Customer to Go Deeper

    Almost all banks have deployed at least a basic smartphone application, but mobile’s transformational impact on the industry is still skin-deep in many corners. Theoretically, customers could do almost all their banking on a smartphone, but a very small minority even come close to doing so. How banks are planning to tackle that next challenge.
  • Research Report Decision by Data: Diving Deeper with Analytics

    Data trails and electronic imprints have transformed the way many businesses reach customers, seek opportunities, design products, defend against risk and plan investments. But how far have data and analytics gone in supplanting intuition, rules of thumb, instinct and experience in banks’ decision-making processes? In which activities are analytics the most prevalent, the most desirable, the most challenging to implement?
  • Research Report Network Check: Crosscurrents in Branches and Technology

    The macro-level decline in branches belies a much more nuanced reality — many banks below the top tier are actively scaling up and advances in branch technology are achieving deep penetration in the industry.
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