Research Reports

  • The loyalty and rewards landscape is in a state of flux. Consumers are being bombarded with a bewildering range of options, and they are primed to jump ship when a better offer comes along – perhaps half have switched to a new credit card in the past year.
    September 4
  • Most lenders are staying the credit bureau course in underwriting but some are mulling changes, particularly when it comes to marketing.
    June 13
  • Industry attitudes toward application programming interfaces (APIs), perspectives on the promise and threats posed by the technology have evolved in the past two years.
    May 30
  • Inside, a look at the state of policy play on a range of key industry issues that may impact 2018 midterm elections.
    December 29
  • This report examines how technology spending at banks are set to climb again in 2018 with budget growth at small banks exceeding that of large banks.
    December 22
  • Rising short-term rates have so far been a boon for bank profitability. But technology has made it is easier than ever for customers to migrate their funds, which means the battle for highly-valued core deposits is likely to heat up. Here's a look at how bank executives plan to contend for their share of the market.
    October 30
  • While bank executives are divided on what they view as an optimal outcome for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, there is broad agreement that a future without them (or some government-supported equivalent) would mean tighter credit, higher rates and lower volume.
    September 28
  • Post-election exuberance about the prospects for rollback of Dodd-Frank regulations has been tempered by the political realities facing the President and Congress. While many in the industry still expect some kind of relief, there is less confidence about when that may happen and what form it may take.
    June 19
  • Are Risk Levels Rising for Banks? Execs Think So
    May 24
  • Cross-selling is at a critical juncture. One of the virtually undisputed pillars of bank profitability, the practice of graduating a single-product consumer into a "relationship" covering the full breadth of his or her financial services needs, has abruptly found its way into the regulatory cross-hairs.
    December 19