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In-car payments get up to speed
In a good sign for digital assistants and in-car payments, Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia have announced plans to install AI assistants in their cars starting in 2019. The automakers have a goal of every vehicle having some kind of network connectivity by 2025.

Additionally, driverless cars are already taking to the roads in tests in Arizona, creating more opportunity than ever to embed payments technology in the dashboard. Consumers who don't have to pay attention to the road can instead plan their errands and place orders online.

Even so, the clearest use cases will stay close to the road. Internet-connected cars will be able to prepay for gas or order food for takeout. They will be able to pay for parking as well. Those are the use cases we're most likely to see in the immediate future, but they will set the tone for bigger ambitions with in-car commerce.