Slideshow 15 Mobile Wallets Sticking with NFC

  • January 03 2014, 4:09pm EST
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Cloud-based wallets, QR code wallets and other software-based wallets seem to be shoving Near Field Communication hardware out of the spotlight. But reports of the death of NFC, which enables contactless payments from many mobile devices, have been greatly exaggerated. (Image: ShuterStock)

La Caixa

La Caixa is joining forces with Telefonica, Vodafone and Orange in what it describes as the first time a European bank is launching a mobile payment system supported by the market's leading telcos. The NFC wallet, which supports Visa Europe payments, would target the Spanish market at first. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is working with MasterCard to support NFC payments on Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone. MasterCard plans to expand the system to other Samsung phones and other regions after the initial rollout in Australia, which has more than 220,000 terminals that can accept contactless payments.


Isis, a venture of AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile, recently launched an NFC-based mobile wallet throughout the U.S. It now has the support of JPmorgan Chase, American Express and, most recently, Wells Fargo.

Citibank Hong Kong

Citi is working with the wireless carrier 3 Hong Kong on an NFC mobile wallet. The companies are charging a monthly fee – a common practice in Hong Kong, and one that might be exported to other regions if the 3 Citi Wallet is a success. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Vodafone is launching an NFC wallet called SmartPass in Dusseldorf, Germany, in the first quarter of 2014. Owners of non-NFC smartphones can make contactless payments by adhering an NFC sticker. (Image: Bloomberg News)


Rabobank is set to launch an NFC-based wallet in the Netherlands this year after an earlier test with MasterCard and the wireless carrier KPN. The bank says it is following the trends established by its increasingly mobile customer base. (Image: Bloomberg News)

DnB, Telenor

Norway's DnB is launching a mobile wallet with Telenor, the country's largest mobile carrier. After the initial rollout with DnB, the wallet will come to customers of Sparebank 1 Group, Skandiabanken and Fana Sparebank. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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The Canadian telecom's Suretap mobile wallet is growing. Rogers Communications recently announced plans to offer a prepaid MasterCard to its mobile wallet users, and expects to announce gift card partners and a bank partner in the coming weeks. (Image: Bloomberg News)


Orange, the largest mobile operator in France, is tying a prepaid Visa card to the NFC SIM cards in its smartphones. The Orange Cash system will have a loyalty and coupon program for merchants and consumers, and will also support one-time-use virtual account numbers for making payments online. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia and Visa Europe are launching an NFC system after a series of successful tests in Milan. The NFC wallet will work with a TIM-branded Visa card issued by Intesa Sanpaolo. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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TD, Loblaw

TD Bank and Loblaw are preparing to launch an NFC wallet in Canada. The wallet, called Ugo, is linked to Loblaw's PC Plus loyalty program, which lets grocery shoppers earn rewards toward their next food bill. (Image: Bloomberg News)


TOT, Thailand's state-owned telecommunications provider, is planning an NFC-based mobile payment service called JustPay in 2014. The system would allow merchants to analyze customer payment data for promotions and marketing. (Image: ShuterStock)

Tim Hortons

Host Card Emulation may not be traditional NFC, but it's still NFC. The technology allows NFC phones to make contactless payments without access to the phone's secure element. Tim Hortons began supporting NFC payments shortly after Google introduced HCE in the latest version of its Android smartphone software. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Google Wallet

Depending on the device, Google Wallet could be a P2P app, an online checkout option, a Host Card Emulation-based contactless payment system or even a plastic debit card. But in the beginning, Google Wallet was primarily an NFC-based payment system, and that function has remained even as Google Wallet has shed many other core features. (Image: Bloomberg News)


Formerly Project Oscar, the Weve venture in the U.K. has undergone many changes but has never wavered from its commitment to using NFC as its foundation. Over time, the project has shifted its focus from payments to marketing, but the new system is still expected to focus on NFC-equipped smartphones. (Image: ShuterStock)