Slideshow 6 Evolving Merchant Mobile Wallet Strategies

  • August 19 2016, 9:12am EDT
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Merchants aren't letting banks do all the innovation in mobile payments. Several companies are forging ahead with their own unique takes on app-based payments.


CVS, already known for innovative mobile experiences like 3D Shopping, unveiled CVS Pay this month. The new mobile payment system is meant to streamline the entire experience of picking up pills at the pharmacy by providing ID and prescription information through the same app.

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Phillips 66

The gas chain signed on with Chase Pay to build the foundation of a totally refreshed mobile app lineup. As part of its integration, Phillips 66 is upgrading the three mobile apps associated with its brands—My Phillip 66, My 76 and My Conoco—so consumers using Chase Pay to check out can simultaneously learn about promotions, sign up for and earn Kickback Points.


Starbucks, already known for converting over a fifth of its in-store payment volume in the U.S. to mobile, is pushing ahead with new features such as order-ahead and Chase Pay. Most recently, the Seattle-based coffee chain brought its mobile payment system to China, where it has 2,200 stores.


Walmart Pay is an evolution of Walmart's mobile shopping strategy. The payment system ties into the company's main app, which is regularly used by 20 million consumers, according to Walmart. Despite this audience, however, the payment component itself is off to a slow start, due in part to cashier confusion and low consumer interest.

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Not to be outdone, Target is reportedly planning its own system called Target Pay. Like Walmart Pay and the Starbucks app, Target Pay would rely on bar code readers instead of NFC. This gives Target a bit of a home field advantage, as its stores were the original launch platform for the bar code-based Starbucks app.

Chevron and GC Express

The nationwide gas chain Chevron and the smaller Caro, Mich.-based GC Express are separately working with Verifone on accepting mobile wallets at the pump. Chevron's project is being done in collaboration with Visa to accept all major third-party mobile wallets, whereas GC Express is working with the local Team One Credit Union to specifically promote its mobile banking app.