Slideshow 6 Mobile Payment Apps Betting Big on Social

  • November 21 2014, 11:12am EST
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Many companies have found it difficult to build consumer interest in using a dedicated app for payments, particularly for person-to-person payments. Some companies have determined that the best way to keep users engaged is to blend payment capabilities with social networking. (Image: iStock)


At first glance, the Venmo app seems to be a simple P2P app. But Venmo added a heavy layer of social interaction, allowing users to hold full conversations and use emoji ("smileys") like they would in a dedicated messaging app. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Snapcash is the new P2P feature of Snapchat, a popular messaging app that lets users send photos that disappear shortly after they're viewed. Money is sent through Square's P2P system. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Square Cash

The Square Cash app is quickly evolving into a social app in its own right. Originally little more than a skin for an email-based P2P system, the app now lets customers set up profiles and find nearby Square Cash users over Bluetooth.


Consumers who send money through Fiserv's Popmoney app are using the payment's memo field for deeper interactions. The messages demonstrate that consumers expect payment recipients to read what they have to say, rather than just glance at the subject line and accept the deposit.

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Customers of Simple, now part of BBVA, are making the most of a system that lets users attach a photo to any transaction record. Some just upload receipts, but others upload photos of food, friends and even a wedding certificate.

Facebook Messenger?

Facebook's Messenger app hasn't yet been integral to the social network's payments efforts, but that should change now that former PayPal president David Marcus is leading the Messenger business. "Messenger will have, over time, there will be some overlap between that and payments," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (pictured) said in July. (Image: Bloomberg News)