Slideshow 6 More Clues to the Apple iWallet

  • July 25 2014, 2:48pm EDT
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Apple has big plans for payments, but it's not outspoken about what they are. However, more of its behind-the-scenes efforts are starting to leak; these six reports came in just the past two months. (Image: Bloomberg News)

iPhone 6 Wallet

Apple is reportedly working directly with credit card companies such as Visa to establish a mobile wallet that may launch alongside its next iPhone. The rumored wallet would store payments data in a secure element, rather than keeping it in the cloud. (Image: ShutterStock)

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iTunes Pass

Apple's launch of iTunes Pass in Japan lets consumers load cash to an iTunes account at an Apple store, eliminating the intermediate step of buying a gift card or linking a bank-issued payment card. Apple has earlier hinted that its 800 million iTunes accounts would be the foundation for a payments system. Pictured: An Apple Store in Tokyo (Image: Bloomberg News)

iBeacon Hardware

Some companies are already using Apple's iBeacon bluetooth technology to build mobile payment systems that sense when shoppers enter a store. Now, Apple may be preparing to offer its own iBeacon hardware directly, for use in its stores or around the home. (Image: ShutterStock)

iTime and NFC

Apple's new iTime patent confirms its rumored plans to build a a near-field antenna into its smartwatch. If Apple's watch comes with NFC capabilities, it would give it an edge over Android Wear watches, which so far lack NFC. (Image: ShutterStock)

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Connectivity Issues

Apple may omit the 3.5mm headphone jack from upcoming devices, opting instead for a port based on its proprietary Lightning module. Companies like Square, which uses the headphone port to connect a mobile card reader, would either be locked out or required to buy a license. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Fingerprints Press Ahead

Payment companies like Yapital began using Apple's TouchID fingerprint authentication system after Apple finally opened it up to developers. Apple, which already uses TouchID to authenticate iTunes purchases, could expand the technology's use in any upcoming payment products. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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