Slideshow 6 of Apple Pay's Growing Threats

  • October 30 2015, 10:27am EDT
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Apple Pay hasn't gone too far with consumers in its first year, but it has nevertheless established a solid footing with merchants, banks and two generations of its own handsets. And Apple has many powerful rivals that are eager to surpass it.

Bank Wallets

Some banks see Apple Pay as an opportunity, but others see its glaring limitations. JPMorgan Chase, Capital One and RBC have each built their own offerings to customize mobile payments for their customer bases.

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Android Pay

Google's Android Pay may be new, but it also benefits from the years of experience Google has from earlier products such as Google Checkout and Google Wallet.

Samsung, LG

The biggest Android handset makers aren't letting Apple or Google decide their fate. Samsung has a mobile wallet that will work at more stores than Apple Pay does, and LG has the marketing benefit that comes from making one of Google's flagship Nexus handsets.


MCX's CurrentC became a more serious contender when it won the a key role in JPMorgan Chase's wallet. And despite still being in testing, CurrentC managed to cause a few headaches for Apple Pay last year through MCX's early exclusivity agreements.

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Under eBay, PayPal had trouble expanding to mobile and brick-and-mortar commerce. But the independent PayPal operates in a different market, with more opportunity to bring its digital payment system into stores via consumers' smartphones.


Apple Watch is one of the few mainstream wearables with Near Field Communication capabilities, but it's about to have company. Kickstarter-funded projects like the Kerv NFC ring or the Blocks modular smartwatch will promote wearable payments to those who do not want to base their wardrobe on Apple's product catalog.