Slideshow 6 "Payments Optional" Mobile Wallets

  • June 15 2012, 1:56pm EDT
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The carrier-backed mobile wallet describes itself as a "platform provider," not a payment provider. An exec at one of its partner banks, Capital One, says: "Success [in mobile] realizes we're not in the payments business. Payments already works." (Image: ThinkStock)

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Lemon Inc.'s mobile wallet is being pitched as a backup for your wallet, not a replacement for it. Although there are hints of a coming payment capability, it's not part of the current sales pitch. (Image: ThinkStock)


Although Square's main pitch is card acceptance, it has many competitors that do the same thing. The company's newer technology, such as its Register app for iPad, shows an ambition to provide other services, such as inventory management. (Image: ThinkStock)


Google Wallet and Google Offers were launched side-by-side as companion products. But now Google Offers, which provides location-based rewards, has been woven into the mobile version of Google Maps, with a less clear tie to payments. (Image: ThinkStock)

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Flash Valet

Flash Valet's selling point is its ability to schedule valet parking and pick-ups - it relies on other companies to move money. The digital-payment feature is available simply as an option for drivers who prefer an alternative to cash. (Image: ThinkStock)

Visa is one of the many digital wallets that comes with software tools for developers. The company places an emphasis on "social shopping" and allows banks to build rewards programs without having to worry about the underlying payment. (Image: ThinkStock)

What's next?

There's a lot phones can do that cash registers can't. Features such as GPS, accelerometers, cameras and augmented-reality apps create new possibilities that go beyond the everyday payment. (Image: ThinkStock)