The ATM is one of the oldest self-service technologies in banking, and mobile is one of the newest. But surprisingly, this odd couple of technologies has a lot of synergy. (Image: iStock)
Anti-Skimming App
Wintrust Financial is expanding use of a mobile app that lets people set up ATM transactions from a smartphone. Because the system does not require the use of an ATM card, it eliminates the risk of account compromise through skimming devices. (Image: iStock)
Bitcoin Wallet Access
Robocoin's Bitcoin ATMs, which let people buy the digital currency by depositing physical cash (and vice versa), require a phone as part of the enrollment process. To use the machine, consumers must receive a verification code on their mobile phones, and then input that code alongside a PIN. (Image: Shutterstock)
Time Saver
Paydiant has a patent for technology that lets consumers use a smartphone to withdraw cash from an ATM. It claims the process, which uses QR codes to link the two devices, can cut ATM session times in half, to 10 seconds instead of 20. Wintrust is one of its customers. (Image: Thinkstock)
Location-Aware ATMs
Cardtronics is testing a system that provides location-based offers to ATM users. The ATM prints an offer on the receipt, and the consumer uses the Cardtronics ALLTM app to scan the offer to redeem at a nearby merchant.
Finder Apps
One of the most widespread crossovers of the mobile and ATM channels comes in the form of ATM finder apps. These apps use the phone's GPS to display nearby ATM locations, and some even use augmented reality to guide consumers to the nearest machine. (Image: Shutterstock)
Apple Pay Assistant
The MasterCard Nearby app is primarily meant to locate ATMs and stores that accept MasterCard products. But shortly after the launch of Apple Pay, MasterCard recast its app as a means to find merchants who accept the new Apple wallet. (Image: Shutterstock)