Slideshow 7 Facts and Forecasts for Prepaid and Mobile

  • June 22 2012, 10:29am EDT
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Mobile Momentum

Mobile devices are used for just $363 million at the point of sale today, but by 2017 they are projected to add an additional $1 billion in spending. (Source: Javelin Strategy & Research)

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Picking Prepaid

Consumers are expected to spend nearly $140 billion at the point of sale on prepaid cards by 2017… (Source: Javelin Strategy & Research)

Gift Cards Going Away?

…and the growth in prepaid is coming at the expense of gift cards, which are projected to be used for just under $109 billion in point of sale payments in five years. (Source: Javelin Strategy & Research)

Cashing Out

Cash is also in slow decline. Cash accounted for 27% of point of sale payments last year. Javelin predicts it will drop to 23% in 2017. (Source: Javelin Strategy & Research)

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Planet Prepaid

The underbanked and Generation Y are the biggest owners of prepaid cards. Generation X is also above the consumer average in its use of prepaid cards. (Source: Javelin Strategy & Research)

Plastic Providers

Thirty-seven percent of prepaid card users got their card from a retailer, though banks are close behind, having served 27% of users. (Source: Javelin Strategy & Research)

Slow and Steady

Just 13% of consumers told Javelin they have a prepaid card - but prepaid is the only bank product to grow in adoption from last year, according to the survey. (Source: Javelin Strategy & Research)