Slideshow 7 Innovative Retailers' Ideas for Payments

  • April 29 2016, 10:27am EDT
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The world of payments is changing, and a lot of that change results from the dedication of innovative retailers. Whether partnering with payment companies or going it alone, these brands are putting fresh ideas into practice.


The global fast food brand uses its reach to test different ideas in different market settings. MasterCard recently drew attention to its work with McDonald's in the Middle East and South Africa, where the chain is using the card networks' business intelligence tech to analyze the performance of new menu items.

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Lawrence Locals

Small companies can also be innovators. LOL Family Zone and Daylight Espresso Café, based in and around Lawrence, Kan., are among the first to test U.S. Bank's Deal Local rewards program. The Deal Local app provides a range of card-linked offers covering multiple local stores.


Uber is well-known for making payments nearly invisible to the average rider. But it also knows the value of putting certain payment brands in the spotlight, as demonstrated through its marketing agreements with American Express and Capital One.

Jackson Hewitt

The unbanked hold personal interaction in high regard. Thus, the in-person customer service provided by Jackson Hewitt also makes it a valuable partner for American Express' Serve card, which is designed to provide faster access to tax refunds.

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Starbucks may be famous for its hugely successful in-house mobile payment app, but it also seeks out partners to grow its audience. Its support of Chase Pay, as both a standalone payment option and as a funding option for the Starbucks Card, gives it access to Chase's audience of 94 million cardholders.

Amazon may be on every digital device imaginable, but it can't be in screen-free zones like the laundry room, the kitchen cabinet or the toilet. Or can it? The company's expanding array of WiFi-connected Dash buttons gives it a presence in rooms where no other e-tailer goes.

Discount Tire

No one likes to buy tires — nor do they like to be upsold from someone staring at them across a countertop. Discount Tire chose to fix its adversarial sales process through the use of mobile point of sale devices, allowing its staff to stand side-by-side with customers to explain the issues with their old tires.