Slideshow 7 Inventive Apple Pay Alternatives

  • February 20 2015, 3:48pm EST
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Apple Pay's contactless payment model may be straightforward and simple, but it's not the only way to move funds without cards and cash. Many companies are coming up with alternatives that work from phones, smartwatches and other devices. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Samsung and LoopPay

LoopPay, which Samsung is buying, simulates a magstripe signal when held near a standard point of sale terminal. The merchant does not need to make any changes, but the consumer might need to buy special hardware unless Samsung builds LoopPay's tech directly into its devices. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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PayPal and Wearables

PayPal's cloud-based wallet has the benefit of being applicable to any wireless device - whether it's a smartphone or a smartwatch. PayPal has emphasized this point by supporting nearly every major smartwatch platform including Samsung, Android and Pebble.

'Nod to Pay', Tesco App

Google Glass, in its current form, may have been scrapped, but many tech companies, banks and retailers experimented with the headset. Systems like 'Nod to Pay' let shoppers pay with gestures; Tesco's system operates more like a mobile commerce site that can be used hands-free. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Barclaycard's Wardrobe of Wearables

Barclaycard is pushing the boundaries of which accessories can be used for mobile payments. Its wearables include gloves, bracelets and even a saddle for a donkey.

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Biometric Bracelets

Payment-capable wristbands are nothing new, but companies like MasterCard and RBC are trying to one-up the Apple Watch by adding biometric authentication. (Pictured: Nymi band)

Alert-Based Payments

When Google debuted Android Wear, it showed off a new mobile payment option based on alerts. The Eat24 smartwatch app remembers when the wearer last ordered food, and offers to order - and pay for - the same meal at the same time the following week. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Order Ahead

Starbucks and Square are separately developing ways to handle orders ahead of a person's visit to a store. Starbucks also uses Apple Pay as a funding method within its own app, getting the best of both worlds. (Image: Bloomberg News)