Slideshow 7 Major Mobile Initiatives in Europe

  • April 02 2015, 11:01pm EDT
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Europe is home to many innovative and disruptive banks, telcos and technology firms. Some of these are deploying mobile wallets that have the potential to span the entire continent.(Image: iStock)

Vodafone Wallet

The freshly announced NFC version of the Vodafone Wallet packs in Verified by Visa security for Android smartphone owners using a special SIM card. The app, currently available as a loyalty card wallet in Germany, Spain, the U.K., Italy and the Netherlands, will get an NFC update in the second quarter.

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M-Pesa Romania

Vodafone's other major mobile payment initiative, M-Pesa, became popular in Africa before launching in Romania a year ago. Romania does not have a traditional nationwide banking infrastructure, making M-Pesa a good fit for the nation. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Seamless SEQR

Sweden's Seamless is aggressively expanding its SEQR mobile wallet throughout Europe. Last month, it deployed SEQR in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France and Italy. It also has its eyes on the U.K. and U.S.

La Caixa Wallet Venture

La Caixa teamed up with Telefonica, Vodafone, Orange and Visa Europe at the end of 2013 on a mobile wallet project that is focused initially on Spain and is slated to expand into other parts of Europe at a later date. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Barclays' Pingit

What started as a P2P app has steadily grown into something more. The 2013 addition of Buyit transformed the tool into a wallet that could be used to make purchases from retailers. More recently, the app has integrated with Twitter to enable customers to send funds to individuals identified by their Twitter handles rather than their phone number or email address.


Weve, a venture of several U.K. telcos, dropped plans for a mobile wallet in late 2014 (shortly after Apple announced Apple Pay). But the venture itself still exists, and has launched products for messaging and advertising display. (Image: iStock)

American Wallets

Apple Pay hasn't yet launched in Europe, but already it is laying the groundwork in the U.K. and, presumably, any other country where it sells iPhones. Meanwhile PayPal has been adapting its technology for the European market for years, such as by launching an EMV version of its PayPal Here card reader in Europe before it introduced the same technology for U.S. merchants. (Image: Shutterstock)