The launch of Android Wear, Google's platform for smartwatches, has opened the floodgates for new payment ideas. Some developers are flocking to Google's platform, and others are ignoring Google entirely. (Image: Bloomberg News)
PayPal's Timely Timepiece Apps
With Android Wear and the earlier Samsung Galaxy Gear, PayPal was quick to let the world know it would be among the first to enable payments from the latest smartwatches.
bPay from Barclays
Barclays will begin testing its bPay wristbands at the British Summer Time music festival in July. The wristbands, which will launch nationwide in the U.K. next year, are oddly reminiscent of the company's April Fool's joke, the PayWag payment-capable dog collar. (Image: Bloomberg News)
Time for Pizza
Google put Eat24 in the spotlight when launching its new Android Wear products. The company demonstrated how to order and pay for a pizza in under 20 seconds using only taps and swipes on a user's smartwatch. (Image: ShutterStock)
QR Codes
LevelUp's mobile wallet has a companion app for the Pebble smartwatch, which can display a QR code to LevelUp merchants. Google also briefly showed that its smartwatches can display QR codes for boarding passes and other uses. (Pictured: David Singleton, Google Android engineering director)
Nod to Pay
Eaze has launched the public beta of its "Nod to Pay" app for Google Glass. The app enables users to pay with Bitcoin by scanning a QR code with the headwear's built-in camera, then using its motion sensor to nod in approval. (Image: Bloomberg News)
MagicBand Expands
Walt Disney Co. recently expanded its MagicBand system, which can be used to make purchases at its theme parks, to all guests. To promote their use, Disney is designing them as souvenirs; at a recent Star Wars weekend, it sold Yoda and Darth Vader themed MagicBands.
Ringing Up Sales
The NFC Ring can't be used as a bank-issued payment card, but it can be used with a Bitcoin wallet to enable payments. The Kickstarter-backed company began shipping preorders in June.