Slideshow 7 Newest Payments Products from Outside the Industry

  • October 11 2013, 4:22pm EDT
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There has been a flurry of activity in payments technology in recent days. But as the dust settles, it's becoming clear that some of the most disruptive products are coming from outside the payments industry. (Image: ThinkStock)


Perhaps drawing inspiration from Walmart's successful Bluebird card, Walgreens introduced a prepaid card that does a lot more than other off-the-rack cards. It combines with Walgreens' loyalty program, so customers don't need to carry a separate loyalty card. It also allows account access from in-store kiosks. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Login and Pay with Amazon puts the e-commerce giant's existing payment system out in front of the shopping experience. Although it's pitched as an alternative to the "guest login" at merchant sites, Login and Pay with Amazon guarantees that anyone who signs in to a merchant's site through Amazon will also pay with an Amazon-approved payment method. (Image: Bloomberg News)


McDonald's is running several tests to find the secret sauce of emerging payments. Its tests with Interac Flash for mobile payments in Canada parallel its recent work with Isis, which McDonald's is fueling with a combined marketing campaign. (Image: Bloomberg News)


Groupon, once just a daily-deals provider, is strengthening its foothold in the payments industry with its constantly evolving Breadcrumb POS tablet payment app. The latest update adds a variety of customer and employee management tools, allowing merchants to know which customers have special needs — and which employees deserve the biggest share of the tip jar. (Image: Groupon)

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Bluetooth Low Energy

Apple and Simple (a nonbank that provides financial services through partnerships) are both exploring the use of Bluetooth Low Energy as a means of initiating payments. The wireless technology is starting to gain popularity as a potential alternative to Near Field Communication chips. (Image: ThinkStock)


Although Bitcoin suffered a setback with the takedown of the Silk Road online drug market, other virtual currencies are becoming a real threat. Ripple Labs recently forged two new partnerships with gateways to allow more people to use its Ripple virtual currency. (Image: ThinkStock)

U.S. Bank's Retail Project

Though this product comes from a bank, the idea comes from the best in e-commerce. With a mobile app, U.S. Bank plans to entice customers to scan items on store shelves for product info and discounts — and it can remember that interaction even if the customer doesn't buy the item. This allows physical stores to track browsing habits the same way they do online. (Image: ThinkStock)