Slideshow 7 Retailers That Are Changing The Payments Industry

  • June 08 2012, 10:09am EDT
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Target is extremely influential for payments companies. It helped boost Starbucks' mobile payment app, Amex's almost-free prepaid card, and shopkick's mobile rewards app. (Image: ThinkStock)

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Home Depot

PayPal's flood of merchant announcements hasn't drowned out Home Depot's role. It was the first publicly named partner for the eBay unit's new point of sale payment system. (Image: ThinkStock)

Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts don't use a traditional retail strategy to sell their cookies, and their mobile nature made them perfect users for mobile card readers such as Intuit's GoPayment.


Walgreen and other retailers are giving a boost to Square's mobile reader. Square recently announced that it is selling its device at over 20,000 stores, and Walgreen represents over a third of those locations. Its other retail partners include Staples and FedEx Office. (Image: ThinkStock)

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UPS helps USAA offer remote deposit capture to customers that don't want to do it themselves. UPS accepts consumers' checks in stores and then scans them behind the scenes. This replaced an earlier partnership from 2006 wherein UPS moved physical checks.


Wal-Mart plays nice with Green Dot. It sells the prepaid card marketer's products to the underbanked that shop in its stores.


Apple has offered card-scanning devices from the likes of VeriFone and Square, but that doesn't make it any payments company's best friend. Apple typically gives more weight to its own products. (Image: ThinkStock)