Slideshow 7 Samsung Wallet Milestones

  • February 13 2015, 3:36pm EST
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Apple isn't the only device maker with its own mobile wallet. Though Samsung hasn't launched anything like Apple Pay, every year Samsung has added new technology to its smartphones and wearables to piece together the elements of a true mobile wallet. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Samsung's 'Passbook'

In early 2013, Samsung revealed its Samsung Wallet, which stores payment cards and tickets in a similar manner as Apple's Passbook. Though many of Samsung's phones were built with Near Field Communication technology, Samsung Wallet did not link to NFC and thus could not be used for NFC wireless payments. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Fixing Bar Code's Bug

Most mobile wallets use blocky QR codes because traditional bar code laser scanners don't work with smartphone screens. But the Samsung Galaxy S4 was built with a special sensor that sends pulses of light to a bar code reader, imitating the black-and-white sequencing of a standard bar code. (Image: iStock)

Future Developments

Samsung's rumored deal with LoopPay, which makes technology that wirelessly simulates the swipe of a payment card, would enable its phones to work with 90% of ordinary payment terminals. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Carrier Billing

Samsung also works with Bango, a U.K. company, for its carrier billing services. Digital content sold through the Samsung Galaxy Apps store can be paid as a charge on the user's phone bill worldwide. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Packing in PayPal

Most recent Samsung phones and smartwatches launched with some form of support from PayPal, which takes advantage of the unique features of each device.

Fingerprint Recognition

If Apple Pay popularizes fingerprint authentication, Samsung won't be left out. Its current Galaxy smartphone model comes with a built-in fingerprint reader (and PayPal supports this hardware for authentication). (Image: iStock)

Adding Android Wear

Samsung has its own operating system for smartwatches, but it also offers a device for Google's Android Wear platform, making it possible for Samsung devotees to use any Android Wear payment app. (Image: Bloomberg News)