Slideshow 7 Unusual Emerging Payment Technologies

  • August 22 2014, 1:59pm EDT
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As payment technology pushes into the future, innovators are coming up with unexpected ways to pay. Whether this means attaching technology to animals or sewing it into our clothing, many of these products are a leap beyond the ordinary payment card. (Image: ShutterStock)

The Payment Donkey

Real Donkeys, a donkey ride business in the U.K., worked with Barclays to build a contactless payment card reader into one of its saddles. Previously, the business accepted only cash, and had to turn down potential riders who wanted to pay with a card. (Image: ShutterStock)

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The "doge" meme quickly transformed from an Internet joke into a serious financial instrument that is accepted by merchants who support the use of multiple digital currencies.

Nod to Pay

Google Glass can do many things a smartphone can, but its interface forces some inventive approaches to approving payments. Eaze's Nod to Pay app asks users to speak the phrase "OK Glass, make a payment," then stare at a QR code and finally nod twice to approve a purchase. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Interactive Cards

Products like Coin and the Dynamics ePlate card are reprogrammable versions of the traditional magnetic-stripe card. Whether their purpose is to add security or to streamline reward redemption, products like these are rare attempts to modernize the magnetic-stripe card without replacing it entirely. Pictured: Coin

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Skin Deep

A decade ago, Applied Digital Solutions was in talks with MasterCard and two banks to figure out if its VeriChip - a wireless device that is implanted under the skin - could be used for payments. (Image: ShutterStock)

Sliced Thin

The latest wave of payment apps shed as many bells and whistles as possible. Push for Pizza, a new pizza-ordering app, takes this to an extreme by letting people order and pay for pizza with the tap of a button - and that's all it does. Pictured: Max Hellerstein, co-founder of Push for Pizza developer Simple Food Solutions.

Team Spirit

Before smartwatches and MagicBands ushered in a new era of wearable payments, NCR developed the payment-enabled hockey jersey. Offered to Tampa Bay Lightning season ticket holders, the jersey could be used for stadium admission and parking payments. (Image: ShutterStock)