Nothing accelerates innovation quite like a new car. But before consumers can outfit their vehicles with James Bond gadgetry, they need a way to pay for it all from behind the wheel.
Visa's plan for in-car payments is all about the destination. Its prototype in-car payments system focuses on pre-purchasing things before the consumer's arrival. It is designed to purchase food and fuel before the driver arrives at the restaurant or gas station.
MasterCard and GM
MasterCard is working with General Motors to develop a wireless key fob that can unlock car doors, enable its security system and make payments.
ExxonMobil is making a big push with its Speedpass app, most recently adding Apple Pay as a funding source for mobile fuel payments.
Chevron also has plans to support Apple Pay. It's focusing first on acceptance in convenience stores, while also in active discussion with Apple about supporting its mobile wallet at the pump.
Hughes Petroleum
Hughes Petroleum in Canada allows customers to purchase gas and car washes from an app, enabling them to stay in their warm cars for a task that would normally take them out into below-freezing temperatures.
The first big purchase all motorists make is buying the car itself. Mercedes-Benz has tested a system that lets motorists review and pay their auto loan and lease statements from within their cars.
Even drivers of electric cars need to refuel. GM's OnStar developed an app for use at public charging stations that not only handles payments but estimates the cost of the fill-up and sends an alert when the vehicle is fully charged.
Parking Panda
There's more to in-car payments than buying gas. Parking Panda is working to enable motorists to search for and purchase parking spots from a screen in the car's dashboard.