Slideshow 8 Inventive Merchant Mobile Wallets

  • August 08 2014, 3:56pm EDT
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As consumers warm to the idea of using their phones to make payments and manage accounts, they are flocking to merchant apps to do so. Instead of using one unified wallet, a shopper's phone may be stuffed with any of these payment-capable programs. (Image: ShutterStock)


Starbucks is one of the clearest success stories in mobile payments, with 15% of U.S. in-store sales made with its mobile app. The company attributes this success to the strength of its loyalty program, and is exploring ways to extend the technology's capabilities. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Sonic, Rally's, Checkers, Taco Bell (CardFree)

The people behind the earliest versions of the Starbucks app went on to work at CardFree, which designs apps for the Sonic, Rally's, Checkers and Taco Bell restaurant chains. The team uses its background to design apps based on the needs of each client's customers. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Wendy's, McDonald's and More

The Wendy's app creates a one-time-use numeric code that customers give to the cashier to make a purchase. McDonald's supports the Seamless and Isis wallets. Burger King, Subway and many more fast food companies are testing their own approaches to mobile ordering and payment.(Image: Bloomberg News)


ExxonMobil's app is significant for necessitating that the company finally remove its unnecessary warning labels that prohibit cell phone use at the pump. The FCC has found no evidence to support the perception that cell phones pose a danger when fueling - but a ban would have hampered use of the SpeedPass+ app ExxonMobil introduced last year. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Tim Hortons and HCE

Tim Hortons was quick to support Host Card Emulation in its mobile app, enabling Android smartphone users to make contactless payments at the coffee chain's stores. This differentiates it from the likes of Starbucks, which relies on bar codes. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Disney Experience

Payments are only an accessory to this app, which Disney World guests use to manage their visits. It pairs with the MagicBand, a new payment-enabled wristband that is used by almost half of Disney World visitors. (Image: Bloomberg News)

Push for Pizza, LevelUp on Pebble

Push for Pizza and the LevelUp app on Pebble smartwatches demonstrate what's possible when developers get their hands on another company's application programming interface. Both payment apps were developed using such tools. (Image: ShutterStock)

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Merchant Customer Exchange

The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) hasn't yet come out with a product, but it's noteworthy for its scope. The initiative involves numerous heavy hitters, including Walmart and Target, with the goal of creating a common mobile wallet platform for all participants. (Images: Bloomberg News, Wawa)