Slideshow 8 New Uses for Mobile in Payments, Rewards

  • May 02 2014, 2:20pm EDT

As mobile devices become more integral to consumers’ lives, they present more opportunities for interaction with banks, payment companies and merchants. Here are a few companies that are pushing mobile technology into the future. (Image: ShutterStock)

U.S. Bank's Real-Time Rewards

U.S. Bancorp is developing a system that will allow customers to retroactively apply reward points to a purchase just made with a U.S. Bank card. The customer will be notified of the option in a mobile alert that arrives immediately after the purchase is made. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Chase's Card Replacement Shortcut

Chase Merchant Services has developed a system that allows Chase Wallet app users to obtain a digital replacement card from the smartphone app rather than wait for a plastic card to arrive by mail. (Image: ShutterStock)

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook works with card issuers and other companies to help them tailor their marketing to a specific audience, finding unintuitive connections. Its new Audience Network takes that even further. Want to market a card to Game of Thrones fans? According to Facebook, you'll find them playing the kid-friendly mobile game, Cut the Rope. (Image: ShutterStock)

Make It Rain

The DogeRain app allows users of the DogeCoin virtual currency to "drop" their funds for nearby app users to collect. This could be used in scenarios where the sender and recipient are nearby but don't know each other, such as a person making a donation to a street performer.

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All in the Wrist

The Samsung Gear watch launched with an app from PayPal, and the Pebble watch recently got an app that works with the LevelUp mobile payment system. Google's recently announced Android Wear platform will make it easier for payment app developers to work with wearables. (Image: ShutterStock)

Niche Markets

Revel is targeting its tablet point of sale system very narrowly, with customized versions developed at the request of individual businesses. Versions of Revel’s technology are available for winery operators and for users with visual impairments. (Image: ShutterStock)

Fingerprint Security

The iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S5 both use fingerprint recognition for authentication. The iPhone uses this technology to authorize iTunes purchases, and the Galaxy S5 enables fingerprint recognition for third-party apps such as PayPal. (Image: Bloomberg News)

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Real-Time Payments

More companies are bringing immediacy to mobile payments. U.S. Bank recently launched the real-time version of Fiserv's Popmoney P2P payment system, and Regions Bank allows its customers to obtain funds in real time from checks deposited through a smartphone’s camera. (Image: ShutterStock)